Add a personal touch with direct mail messages.

Studies have shown that people have an overwhelmingly positive feeling when they check their mail.Capitalize on that emotion with a personally addressed direct mail piece.

Do you hate junk mail?

Sure you do. You're not alone...but there is a difference between 'junk mail' and direct mail. Junk mail starts out DEAR FRIEND and advertises something you'd never want. Direct Mail is a targeted and personally addressed piece of mail delivered to only the households with the best demographics for your business.

Quachie Media uses the best demographic database technology and USPS targeting to build a prospect mailing list tailored to your specific demographics. We can also provide saturation lists for micro-zip targeting by carrier route. Finding the right list is crucial to the success of a mailing, but creative is also important.

The Quachie Media art department will work with you to create the right mail piece for the right audience. Postcards, Letters, Fliers or even more creative pieces. Find the right customer with the right mail piece all at Quachie Media. Simple.

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